Visit the Misano Adriatico hinterland

Misano Adriatico is not only sea and nightlife but, thanks to the nearby hinterland of Romagna, also suits the needs of people seeking relaxation and the romance of long walks in the nature of the green mountains of the Apennines, perhaps with your four-legged friend.

There are also possibilities for all those who, even on vacation, can not help but to practice their favourite sport… The hiterland roads are in fact perfect for cycling lovers, many professional and amateur cycling events took place on those roads. For climbing lovers there are numerous cliffs for climbing and multitiro, especially in Valmarecchia, in San Leo, San Marino and Perticara. And again, be sure to ask the hotel management for the numerous foot races organized every weekend in various locations adjacent to Misano Adriatico.

Here you can find some of the places that for particular merits, distinguish our rich hinterland:

Gradara ( 14 minutes )


Stronghold positioned just 142 meters above the sea, the castle of Gradara is probably one of the most romantic hinterland gorges of Misano Adriatico. Frame of the breathless love story between Paolo and Francesca, of which Dante tells, and home of many historical events of the powerful families that have ruled here such as the Malatesta, Sforza and Della Rovere. Impregnable, the   construction began in the 12th century. After the story of Paolo and Francesca, which was committed in September 1289, here took place the intrigues hatched by the father of the beautiful Lucrezia Borgia, Pope Alessandro VI Borgia.

Many events are regularly held every year in this magnificent place. From “Gradara d’amare”, which is held on Valentine’s Day to “Assedio al Castello”, a historical reenactment, with over 150 participants, of the terrible siege of Gradara in 1446. These and many other events on the website of Gradara.

San Marino ( 35 minutes )


Added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Republic of San Marino has two distinct faces. At the base of  Monte Titano you can go shopping in the many outlets, shopping centers and electronics stores with great prices while in the historic center you can walk romantically, among antique shops, fabulous panoramic views and many events to the discover the medieval period, which you can still sense between the walls of the nine castles.

Mondaino ( 31 minutes )


Small town in the province of Rimini, Mondaino is distinguished by its strong historical identity maintained in the village. The citizens of this pearl, in the hiterland of Misano Adriatico, are very hospitable (during the Palio, we have been invited from strangers very polite). His story seems to come up to Roman times when Mondaino was the site of a temple dedicated to the hunt goddess Diana. Then San Francesco also passed through here, moved by the beauty of the forest of Monte Formosino. It is impossible not to mention the Palio del Daino, an event that every year, in August, recalls the beautiful and colorful medieval festivals that took place here.

San Leo ( 58 minutes )


Last but not the least pearl of our hinterland is the fortress of San Leo. In the midst of Valmarecchia, surrounded by a luxuriant vegetation, stands this fortress, that was once the capital of Italy. Here passed through San Francesco and Dante, and in the damp cells of the fortress, the Count of Cagliostro perished. It has roman origin too, San Leo has a unique attraction from the military point of view. The cliff is in fact inaccessible from any side. The fortress was the protagonist of important war events throughout the Renaissance period and then during the Second World War, it was from here that the Germans organized the retreat to the north. On 24 September 1944 the entrance of the allied troops in San Leo marked the end of his nature of warfare, but today, in the great square to the top of the fortress you can sense its history.

Urbino ( 55 minutes )


One of the most important centers of the Renaissance period and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Urbino, with its spectacular old town of the Marche hills, is a tourist reality from a thousand sides. Being a university headquarters, in fact, Urbino hosts many young people from all over Italy who gave a touch of movement to the quieter life of the province. Ancient Roman settlement, Urvinum Metaurense, and home of the famous painter Raffaello, Urbino is an unmissable destination for history lovers. Numerous monuments, historic buildings and points of interest that are worth a visit, just to name a few: the palazzo Ducale, Raffaello’s house, the Duomo, the former Monastery of Santa Clara, the Stalle Ducali, the Mausoleo dei Duchi… In other words, the list is very long!